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What can be said about the nature of the eyes color of a Russian girl?

Green eyes
Among the owners of green eyes there are a lot of motivated, energetic women. These Russian women are with well-developed intuition. It is very important for them their inner confidence in their actions, the opinion of people who are dear to them, take second place. At the same time Russian girls with blue eyes do not like to open confrontation and prefer to bypass the sharp corners. Each girl with green eyes wants to marry, at least, to the prince. To candidates for the hand and heart, she sets out a number of requirements. Green-eyed girl from Russia is often called an adventuress - and for nothing. Usually they calculate in advance the consequences of their actions.

Dark - brown (black) eyes
Russian Women with this eye color are so energetic and temperamental. A flirt for them means breathing. They love to be in the middle of the attention of others, their whole life is the main role in the play, which will be put only once. These women seek power; they are aggressive, adventurous and reckless. Easily take offence, and also easily forget about it. Those who are close to them, sometimes pursue the feeling that they are living on a powder keg. Russian brown-eyed girls are sociable, easy to make new acquaintances and endowed with a great sense of humor. These ladies are jealous, though prefer do not to show this trait.

Light brown (hazel) eyes
These women are rather different from those whose eyes are darker. They are a much more shy, closed and vulnerable. Typical thought of that person is what it would be or could be. Character traits such as earthiness, "Increased thrift or pragmatism is found in this type of women are quite rare. Their tendency to laziness - a real advance. Those is why such Russian women can assign the most complex jobs - they certainly will go out and bring the most effective way to deal with them as soon as possible to continue to be lazy. At first look, they are soft, pliable creatures, but in fact, they prefer to do things their own way, even if they will nod and agree, listening to your reasons.

Light Blue eyes
Russian Women with light blue eyes are so dreamy and romantic, if their life is not enough real feelings and emotions; they are fully capable to invent them. However pronounced their sentimentality is not a hindrance for many romances and frivolous intrigues. They cannot at once to meet the love of their life. They are very vulnerable, easily hurt or anger. They often shine very different, sometimes with unexpected talents. A distinctive feature of the light blue-eyed girls - fast, almost instant adaptation to any new conditions.

Blue eyes
Blue-eyed women from Russia are charming and sensual, they are capable of strong feelings, if falling in love, then without hesitation rush into love as a pool - with a head. They love to argue, and sometimes they can be very aggressive that to prove their right. Conflicts are their element; they feel like a fish in water. The girl with the blue eyes is very subjective, because, first of all, she is guided by her likes and dislikes, and not by the voice of her mind.

Gray eyes
Thoughtful, curious, honest and sober-girls with gray eyes appreciate the practicality and they are firmly on the ground with both feet. They usually not in a hurry, but always they are in time. Gray eyed girl relies on cold calculation, not on her own intuition. If it is a task for which it is necessary to use intelligence, she is the best. Much more difficulty they have is everything related to the emotional sphere, because they are more "a bit dry" and restrained by nature. Russian woman with gray eyes is happy if next to her there is someone who can be her "external" source of inspiration from which she can get emotions.

Gray-blue eyes
In the nature of such owners of eyes combines the features of gray-eyed and blue-eyed. They are characterized by calmness, self-confidence and motivation. It is very difficult to drive Russian woman out of her wits! In addition, these individuals have a keen sense of justice, nice intuition and flexible thinking. They are a little cold, "Mexican passion" is not for them. The girls with blue-gray eyes can be excellent wives - loyal and devoted, not suffering too much from sentimentality. These women are often advised, because due to their sensible advice you can find a way out of even a hopeless situation.

Gray-green eyes
Russian women with gray-green eyes are patient, hard-working and pragmatic. Their distinguishing feature - is empathy, the ability to share other people's experiences. Because of it there are a lot of people with their problems around such women. To listen, to speak out - in general, these women are free to act as a therapist and friends. Sometimes they combine opposite qualities - can be gentle and cruel, ruthless and sentimental, they know how to listen to their own intuition and the voice of reason at the same time. Such Russian girls are merciless to enemies.

Gray-brown-green eyes
These women are distinguished by indecision; every decision is given to them is very difficult, almost painful. Among them, there are a lot of shy ladies, always confident in themselves. Their character is a bit like "Variety" of the features of monochrome colors which are described above. This woman needs a strong-willed man. If successful marriage being with a trustworthy husband she can blossom and feel protected.

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