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Is a marriage with a Russian bride – a love of convenience?

Choosing a partner who is ready to start a family, the person assures: we love each other. A girl, who successfully married a smart promising young man is happy and says: "I fell in love!” A man married a beautiful young girl says: "I found my love! My special woman! "
Well, Love - it's good, but sometimes it is not so clear. Choosing a partner, we always dream of a better person. But the best for everyone is different. Women often fall in love with the leaders (a leader, leading, a boss) .
Men intuitively choose a young, beautiful, healthy woman. That is, there is selection, which is called a choice. I chose you among the million because...
So why? Did the love happen at first sight? Hardly. Probably a chosen had a set of qualities that were the most important for that person who chose one. So, they were thinking about their benefits before they chose. After looking for a partner, people start a relationship in which they get to know each other and usually they break up, if disappointed, or create a family, if they are satisfied their partner.

Love it is like a good deal and you cannot make a mistake. Everything should be perfect. There is no place for any discomfort and troubles. When choosing a partner, a Russian bride analyzes will the future husband be able to feed their offspring. She is checking his physical strength, his potential. Well, you can call such a girl selfish, because she is thinking about their future. All for them, for children. She wants to see her children protected and fed. So they need to have a good dad.

Foreign men consider beauty to be one of the most important woman’s characteristics. That is how 25 % of respondents think. Beauty is revealed through attractiveness, charm, sexuality, exquisiteness, elegance etc. Femininity turns out to be very important. It is stated that Russian and Ukrainian women take care of themselves, have a sense of taste that lets them look good. And what universal characteristics of Russian brides do men bring to the fore?

And a man is also self-interested. He wants the best. But he's not selfish, he is not thinking about himself. If he wants a young, beautiful, with nice breast and booty bride from Russia, he is also thinking about his future. He also dreams about healthy and beautiful kids. The breast should be big – the kids will have enough milk.

Rarely Russian (or any other nationality) brides can love a man, if she understands from the beginning she will be unhappy with him. With that she does not feel secure. So is it a deal? Or love? When a set of positive qualities will be approved by partners, and then the love will happen.
Then they will have a harmony in their relationship which people call an unselfish true love. But the first thing which was before that love still prompts the question: “Is the love just a deal? "

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