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Each country has its own centuries-old traditions and customs, and many of them closely associated w

If Ukrainian girl does not want to tie her fate with a young man - she will present him a gift - a pumpkin. Sometimes Ukrainian girl during the matchmaking ritual stands several hours next to the stove and pecks at it with her finger), as long as the matchmakers do agree on the upcoming celebration.
In Muslim countries, there are laws of Sharia, so the couples do not have to see each other before the wedding. During the wedding ceremony (Nikah) a groom must give an expensive gift to his future wife, the information of which is written in the marriage certificate. In most countries of the Muslim world, men and women are having fun separately; men celebrate with the groom and a bride with the women on the female half.
During the wedding night, the French youth organizes charivari - cat shows. The tradition has continued to this day. Friends of the newlyweds, imitating the cats` meow and sing obscene songs and dance, often such activities were performed even under the windows of high-ranking officials. Ducks and geese must be necessarily present in the Korean wedding. They are usually presented as a gift to the young couple, because these birds are heralds of a happy future family life and fidelity to each other. And also, on the linen, which is laid on the table in front of the bride and groom their parents put some figs (symbolize unborn masculine babies) and chestnuts (female babies) - so they express their wishes as for the number and sex of the offspring of newlyweds.
India. In some parts of this country poor girls have to marry ... dogs or goats (animals). If relatives of girls think that her body was possessed by an evil spirit and this is the only sure way to get rid of it. They have a magnificent wedding, but without the fist wedding night... sometimes these marriages last for a few years ... just as long as the bride is miraculously healed, and only after that she may tie her destiny with a man.
Macedonian bride sews a dress for herself, but in Russia - this is considered a bad omen. In addition, the Macedonian girl should be able to ride a horse and learn horseback riding, to show her future husband and family that she is skillful rider.

In Yemen, one of the guests at the wedding has the right to come up and touch, pinch, kick the groom. Thus, they can verify his endurance and commitment to the difficulties of married life.
In Greece, during the wedding feast, the bride will try every time to step on the foot of her fiancй, if a young man automatically dodges – he will be the head of the family, if not – he will be under the heel of his second half. And also, on the wedding the bride has to go riding on a donkey.
In some countries it is considered a bad form to be a virgin before the marriage. For example, in Philippines, there are so-called virginity destroyers who help the girls to lose this shameful phenomenon. In African countries, the brides are specially fattened a few months before the wedding, because the standard of the beauty is in these countries not a girl of "soup set," but a big fat woman.
In general, no matter where do you live, in your country there are also fun traditions and it is a personal decision to comply with them or not, the main thing is the wedding should be a joyous holiday for you and your future spouse, you should remember it for many years.

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