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Top - 10 most romantic places in Ukraine, Russia

So you've consulted with your girlfriend and decided to spend your honeymoon in Ukraine or Russia. Just the problem is you cannot decide where to go to your romantic tour because in every region, in both Russia and Ukraine you can find something interesting for you and for your wife. So, we decided to offer you our ideas about the most romantic places in Russia and Ukraine.
1. St. - Petersburg ... what could be more romantic as walks along Neva? Just visit Peterhof. Beautiful architecture, fantastic atmosphere, the poetry of Pushkin, Nabokov's prose ... great landscapes ... and there is no doubt, your lady will be just crazy about this bewildering romantic tour. If you want to give a real surprise - ask your lady walks by St. Petersburg on motorcycles. Even if she was once in St. Petersburg such walking tour she will remember for a long time.
2. You've heard many stories about Kamchatka Peninsula, but it is one thing to hear and another one to see. We take notice of a popular place for tourists - the Valley of Geysers. A huge number of geysers from time to time come to life under the water and show their thermal activity thus delighting visitors. And yet, it is not only a wonderful magical spectacle, some geysers have medicinal properties. Here are just a geyser need to be very careful, because some water spewing huge temperature, so do not tempt fate, or a romantic tour could easily turn into the hardest time in the local hospital.
3. Caucasian dolmens - if you and your girlfriend are history and archeology buffs - this wonder of the world will leave an indelible mark in your memory. Stone buildings full of secrets. None so far do know who built them and why. There are many legends about the origins of the Western Caucasus dolmen. Some of them are romantic. Visit the Caucasus and discover the secrets of the past.
4. Primorye ... about Elomovskie (Benevskiye) waterfalls there are many legends. Unique waterfalls are the true gems of Primorye. Picture of the environment, heady air will help you blend in unity with nature. Believe us, not everyone can boast of having visited Benevskiye waterfalls. 5. Dark nights in the city of Sochi. This is perhaps the most popular seaside resort in Russia. If you chose Sochi - do not forget to visit Bagu - the remains of a Byzantine fortress of the Vth century. You can walk around the ancient ruins and enjoy these remains of the towers to this day. It seemed to be hidden from the eyes of people between the cliffs; it has a triangular shape which indicates a competent construction paramilitary capacity of the V century. Also we can advise to explore ancient labyrinths of Voro and Ahshtyrskaya caves, stroll along the Fairytale Canyon. Romance in Sochi will bring you a lot of positive emotions.

6. Fairytale in Uman. Sophiyivskiy Park. The history of this wonder of nature is composed many legends. One of them, perhaps the most romantic - Pan Potocki loved his wife Sophia; he invited a famous architect Metzel, so that could design a "gift" to his wife on the day of her birth. At the beginning of XIX century was built a beautiful park ... and today, you can enjoy this gift of the king, its walking paths, enjoy the smell of flowers, and make a wish, going around the rock in the cave of Calypso. Pay attention to the words of Count Potocki, carved inside the cave, "Leave here the memory of the misfortune and accept the happiness from the Heaven, if you're happy, become even happier." Let this be a kind of prophecy of your future happy family life.
7. Castles of Ukraine are its historical monuments. There are a lot of them, but we would like to pay your attention to Kamyanets-Podilskyi and Hotyn fortresses. Every year, these walls of paramilitary structures hold jousting tournaments; knights come from all over Europe to fight. Many movies have been made at the walls of fortifications. That's where you can really feel the atmosphere of a romantic medieval and feel yourself as a knight and accomplish many feats for your lady`s heart.
8. Transcarpathia(the Carpathians) - one of the favorite destinations of tourists. Many of them go there specifically that to look at Shipot(Shypit). This place was chosen by the representatives of subcultures and each year they organize a hippie festival. Wonderful waterfall hides many secrets. Some citizens also call it a waterfall of the evil forces may thus they are trying to stop tourists, which violate their peace, because this gem of Transcarpathia attracts many people... 9. Truly one of the most beautiful cities of love in Ukraine is Odessa. It is also called the pearl of the sea. A large number of famous people fell in love in the streets of Odessa - Pushkin, Count Vorontsov ... there they have lost their sleep over, chasing their dream. In Odessa, there is even a love tree and a bridge of lovers. Make a wish near the tree of love, tie a ribbon on it, and walk keeping a hand of your girlfriend on the bridge of lovers. And be sure you will meet happiness and luck in your future life together.
10. In conclusion of our speech about top ten of the most amazing places in Russia and Ukraine, the last one place is romantic love tunnel. You can find it in Rivne region. You can make your trip as by train and on foot. This tunnel was created by nature. It is the unique natural phenomenon in Ukraine. Here you can find a large number of newlyweds who plant flowers around it as a symbol of the birth of new life - their future happy family. The picturesque landscape will give your future wife and you unforgettable impression.

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