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Top - 5 romantic places in Europe and the USA

If you want to visit the most romantic places in Europe and the U.S., we want to pay your attention to the following options for relaxation during your honeymoon.
Czech Republic. This is the country of the modern magic. In the streets of Prague and Crumlaw, you can meet real alive witches and wizards. If you have a few wishes - it is advisable to think about them during a visit of these wonderful cities. Do not be afraid to come up and touch the person's clothes, if you feel he is a magician. Some people even scream about their desires aloud.
Many stories of love, you will know, visiting Prague. For example, the love of a young monarch Karl IV and his wife Bianca Valois. Once Monarch Ian Lyutsenburgsky knew from his servants about the betrayal of his son and he decided to punish him by sending with a young wife from Prague. They were very sad for a long time, lived in the woods in a small castle, after couple years a young wife was very homesick and her strength was failing. Somehow to cheer her and relieve her fate in exile, Karl ordered his servants - to catch the marvelous birds and release them at the walls of the castle. Hearing their wonderful hymn, Bianca became happy... knowing that this was the work of her husband, she had conceived a still greater love for him, and they lived happily ever after.
Visit the Czech Republic ... a walk in the evening streets of Prague, Karlovy Vary. Get to know the local cuisine, colorful traditions, drink famous Czech beer. Admire the medieval architecture. Pay attention to the marvelous statues and monuments located not only in the area of Prague, with many of them are decorated the ancient castles, when you are coming closer – they seem as alive, and welcome guests with a smile and hospitality ...
After a romantic tour to the Czech Republic you will just fall in love with this country!
Since we are talking about magic, we should remember about Hawaii. This is an island of eternal summer. Mountains, lagoons, reefs, huge boulders, colorful sky and the air, everything is special there ... The other world ... the intoxicating smell of flowers that are intertwined in a wonderful wreaths, energetic music, colorful dances performed by local citizens, comfortable rooms in hotels, many souvenir shops and renting stores and all of this combined with the virgin nature.

Visit Maui is a dream of every woman! You will never be bored there, because a lot of American and Japanese tourists prefer to stay on Maui. It is a paradise for surfers. If you really want to make a holiday of eternal summer for your beautiful wife - spend your honeymoon in Hawaii. Paris… to see it and die, said many people in the arts. What attracts tourists to Paris? Where lovers spend their time together? Someone draws a fine menu of French cuisine: frog legs, snails, astringent wine ... in the Jacquemart-Andrй with a wonderful combination of a masterpiece of architecture of XIX century, some just in love with the night lights of the Eiffel Tower ... Paris is a fairy tale, it is a holiday ... Paris is a passion, love ... This is chanson ... Someone calls it the city with thousands of faces, as it is not only the center of the fashion industry and chic, it is also a city with thousands of slums.
It is a city of non-stop ... the city of smiles ... colorful metropolis ... The city of kisses, real emotions. If you are overwhelmed with feelings of love to your spouse - Visit Paris, and you'd never become regret.
Italy. Your road has brought you to Rome. This is not surprising, all roads lead to Rome. Especially singles are attracted there with incredible force. Most unmarried men and women want to see not just the Colosseum, but to visit Trevi Fountain. This is a popular place among single persons, because they can throw a coin into the fountain, each of them is sure that in his or her life is about to happen a miracle, fate will be supportive and, finally, they will be able to find a happy family. Since you've already met your soul mate, we would recommend you to visit the Castel Sant'Angelo. Wonderful architecture with sculptures keeps many secrets. Most of them are tragic. For example, at the walls of the castle died Beatrice Cenci, a girl who was a victim of her own father, whom she brutally avenged.
The castle was once a mausoleum, a treasury, a prison, as well as an archive. It consists of a set of rooms and loggias. Under the building there are subways, which in the past were linked with the Vatican Angel Castle. Today, the castle is the most famous museum in Italy. The splendour of the bridge, on which are erected statues of angels, attracts tourists from all over the world during their visit of this masterpiece of architecture. Visit the Castle of Sant 'Angelo, and you will remember your honeymoon for a long time.
Lviv . You fell in love with Ukrainian woman and want to spend your honeymoon in Lviv? No problem. Regardless of the time of year Lviv is always perfect. Be sure to visit the High Castle(Vysokyi Zamok), walk in Striysky Park. If you like different styles of architecture, visit the churches of Lviv, pay attention to the Dominican Church and Monastery, built in Baroque style. Many years ago Galshka Ostrozhska was hiding there from the tyrant husband. If your girl likes narrow streets paved by blocks you can during the day and night walk in Lviv, visit the famous red lights and nobody knows where did this street appear first in Amsterdam or in Lviv?
Cozy cafes are tempting with aroma of the famous Lviv coffee; beer lovers will be able to drink fresh Lviv beer. If you live in the USA you’ll be pleasantly surprised that in Lviv there is a Statue of Liberty, which sits on one of the facades of the Museum of Ethnography and Crafts. Have unforgettable memories about your honeymoon in Lviv with your pretty woman.

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