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Fiancйe visa or a visa of a wife (spousal visa)? Pros and cons.

Fiancйe visa or a visa of a wife (spousal visa)? Pros and cons. You met your woman and decided - fate gave you a meeting with this person; it was only to her you would like to get married. Therefore, analyzing this situation you offer your bride to apply for a visa to your country. You need to choose - to collect the documents for the fiancйe visa in the case of marriage in your country, or to prepare the documents for visa of the wife. What is the difference between these visas? Let's take a quick look at each category, regardless of country.

Fiancйe visa allows your girl to stay in the country for 90 days, at the expiration of this period in a case you do not want to have any relations with her your fiance will have to leave your country. Visa process takes from 3 to 12 months depending on the country. You, as a future spouse, start the paperwork, your fiancйe should prepare the following papers: 4 photos with her signature, a copy of the internal and foreign passports, a copy of her birth certificate, if she has children under age in a case of their emigration - copies of birth certificates, some countries require that all copies of the documents were notarized, as well as all documents have to be translated into the official language of your country.

Your fiance will also need to obtain a certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to show she has no criminal record. These documents you send to the immigration service of your country of residence that your girlfriend would be able to get a fiance visa. If all the forms are filled in correctly and they got all the necessary documents, your girl will receive a confirmation – she will be sent a package of documents showing the Immigration Service started to work on your case. After a while your girlfriend will have an interview at the Embassy, as well as a Medical Examination in a special independent clinic, it is usually held before the interview at the embassy, if she has children, the children will have the same medical tests. The negative results of the medical examination are the expensive diseases and dangerous infections.

If you have the opportunity to be present at the interview with your girlfriend – support her, visit the embassy together, some embassies even require it. You can be asked questions about your individual contacts and meetings, so both of you should be ready for an interview. Remind your girlfriend to bring photos when you were together, if she kept the phone bills, as well as printed Skype correspondence, bring tickets you bought while visiting the country of your bride. And most importantly, tell the truth and nothing but the truth and the positive result is guaranteed. Your bride will not get her visa only in case of suspicions that your marriage will be fake, and if your fiancйe has a criminal history, or it was a negative result of the medical examination. In other cases, your girl will get a visa to emigrate easy and safely go to your country as a bride.

Visa of the russian wife - you registered your relationship to the area of a residence of your wife, and you want she moves with you in the status of your spouse. What do you need to do?

Men in Russia are quite often interested in a bit silly girls whose interests don’t grow out of a standard set: make-up, fashion, entertainment, gossips, celebrities. Near such a woman even a man who has an ordinary level of mind will feel himself a real intellectual. Probably, that’s why a category of ‘smart and handsome’ Russian women is more often popular for a marriage among foreign men.

Prepare the following documents: marriage certificate (certified copy), 4 photos signed by your spouse, copies of passports and birth certificates (certified copies), the previous certificate of divorce, if at least one of you was married (the originals and certified copies). Then you send the documents to the immigration office, which deals with your case, if they need any additional information, they will report to you and to your wife about it. Your spouse was appointed about the date of the interview (in some countries, you have to be present at it.) During the interview, your spouse must provide a proof of a marriage (photos, invitation cards), a marriage certificate. You should make sure that your spouse may file her income statement, as well as tax return. As in the case of a fiancйe visa, your spouse must pass a medical examination, in a case of specific infectious diseases her visa will be denied. After getting a visa your spouse has the right to leave her country in six months.
After the entry into the territory of your country your spouse will be under a conditional status in your country, so-called temporary resident status, and if during 2 years you will stay marriage –her conditional status will be removed, and your wife will be able to obtain citizenship. In a case of divorce - your wife will leave your country.
Regarding the timing of the fiancйe visa and the visa of a wife, sometimes brides get a fiancйe visa in 3 months, depending on the country of residence of the groom, as for the visa of a wife some couples are waiting for a visa for over a year. So choose an optimal variant for you. Good luck !

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