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Loyalty, reliability and honesty is the formula of successful marriage with Russian (Ukrainian) wome

Every man who thinks seriously about marriage with a Russian or Ukrainian girl dreams about relationships filled with passion and adventure. But for a healthy family it is necessary to build a healthy relationship. What is this concept?
According to the information of a researcher from Czech Republic K. Vitek, the most successful and harmonious marriage was among those who was sure in their partner’s reliability, loyalty, love of family and a strong character. Beauty, sexy and attractiveness, appreciated by the young people, the couple at the age put on the second place; their preference is given to such qualities as love of family and the ability to run the economy.
From the emotional values in the marriage, according to the researcher, the important role is played by honesty, loyalty, and mutual love, a willingness to support a partner in difficult times, compassion, tenderness, trust and support.

Now, let’s describe all these values step by step:
Honesty is probably the most important aspect of sincere relations with a woman from Russia. The relationship was originally built without it will not be long-lasting, and therefore time, hope and money will simply be spent for nothing. It should be noted that this is now the value is less common among young girls, but it is not rare among the women over the age of 35 ... Be honest and be a man-even if your honesty hurts, it's important to be honest with all his chosen, because love cannot flourish in the deception.
So the best way out will be able to be yourself. Believe me, if you are near a Russian woman, she will love you honestly and sincerely for who you really are. She will be happy with you and will sincerely love you not just for who you are, but for who is she when she is with you!

It’s well-known that there are no barriers and distances for those who are in love. If one person loves another, a knowing of a language will hardly spoil one’s passion or make it cooler. The language barrier as it is doesn’t exist for those who are in love first, but it will become more obvious when a stage of romantic relationships will go to a family one. That’s why more and more often western men prefer getting acquainted with English-speaking girls from Russia

If you are honest with your bride from Russia or Ukraine, you have no choice as to believe her and trust her. Believe that you are the only man of her heart. After all, trust and honesty are related to each other, complementing human relations. It is really wrong to live in perpetual doubts, constantly suspicious and jealous. Her loyalty, integrity and honesty should be beyond any suspicion. If you cannot get rid of the constant jealousy, then it's time to reevaluate your relationship. If you are experiencing anxiety and vague distrust of your Russian girlfriend, think about whether you have a good reason to consider her a cheater. Did she lie to you before? Do you have any proof of her infidelity? If not, may be you are wrong?

Different people have different understandings of treason, so it is important to define exactly what a lie to your couple is. Some people think only physical infidelity is cheating, others are sure that the spiritual infidelity is as destructive. Often you can hear from some women that "it would be better to sleep with her than dine by candlelight." But for a healthy relationship the sexual freedom is unacceptable. Fidelity and monogamy bail reliable relations.

Russian Women want to feel protected by men. They need to know that everything will be ok. It does not mean that a man must be very tall bodybuilder or have millions in the bank account. Enough to be able to calm the woman and take care of her needs, sometimes to tell her what she wants to hear - that everything will be ok.
All of these recommendations make sense only when you follow along. Remember that maintaining a mutual feeling; you'll be much happier than those who have relations have long gone out of control.

Smart and intelligent :Women in Russia today keep pace in everything with men: they are the same educated, the same clever, they achieve the same success at a professional playground, at times even article

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