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beautiful brides - russian and ukrainian girls

There are many different answers to this question. Some people believe that there is a new phenomenon: a set of "exceptional beauty" of women from Russia. Russian girls are confident in their special beauty and elegance. The center of the self-assessment of the modern Russian women becomes self-understanding of its unearthly, exceptional beauty, charm, sex appeal and feminine charm.
There is also an opinion that Western men do not consider Russian women the top beauties and interest in them has fallen. It is difficult to believe it. Here is a quote from the book of the American man about dating with Russian women: "I never saw a single Russian woman of child bearing years who was not absolutely gorgeous, their average woman will put our top supermodels to shame. Needless to say, but, I was like a kid in a candy store, you probably will be too!!! Richard A. Blackwood ...

A promotion of social status with the help of a profitable marriage is an invention of not our and even not of a preceding generation. There have always been lonely girls who took youth, beauty and intellect as a capital for a profitable investment with an aim of attracting an investor who is a rich lover. Russia isn’t an exclusion here, as here always are women ‘for sale’.

The beauty of Russian women is not a myth, they are really beautiful, compared to Europeans and American women, and western men do see it - because they have eyes. They still consider Russian women beautiful, and the interest in them fell, thousands of men are still sending letters to Russian women, attracted by their beauty, and showered with compliments their beauty (which they will not hear from Russian men), and are ready for her to go to another country, spend money on tickets and hotels and married them. Psychologists say a man still loves by his eyes, and the appearance for him is even more important than for women. The man is a biological creature with many instincts created by nature.

The West has already had the opportunity to evaluate the elegant Polish women, bright Turkish women, and blond Swedes. Poles, by the way, are our relatives - Slav woman, so Russian and Polish woman can be considered almost the same. As to the Turkish and Asian women - yes, there are fans of the Asian type of beauty, but still it is specific, and is called an "acquired taste", in addition, the eastern mentality is very different from the western, and intelligent men know it.
The phenomenal beauty of Russian girls and women has a historical explanation. In the Middle Ages, as we know, Europe had the so-called "witch-hunt" - women accused of witchcraft and were burned at the stake. Moreover, the distinctive feature of witches was considered - what do you think? It was the beauty. There burned the most beautiful young women. If the baby girl was born too beautiful, she was often killed in her infancy, because they were afraid that she will grow and become a witch. So they destroyed their gene pool of beautiful women. In Russia, too, there have been cases of women accusations of witchcraft, but overall there was no massive witch hunting as in Europe.


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