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What is attractive in Russian brides for foreigners?

Russia is a great country. We have a lot of everything, because we have a lot of export to the world market. Europe uses our gas, the world of science is moving forward by our scientists and in Western homes the comfort is often created by our women.
Let's think about how our simple Russian girls do turn the heads of foreigners? We're not talking about the perverts who are dreaming, how to get into the house the most humble slave. We are talking about on the average normal foreign men who registered on dating sites and marriage agencies and paid a decent amount to find a Russian wife.
As a rule, a Russian girl is more beautiful as some other local representatives. I think a foreigner who has visited for the first time on ordinary Russian street, seems that he is behind the scenes of "Miss World". He sees in nice clothes, high heels, with careful makeup defiles of a crowd of beauties. In the West, there are not a lot of beautiful people. There such girls are models, actresses, or the wives of very rich people.

The modern mail order brides industry is still developing, and a big number of myths and stereotypes concerning Russian brides grows together with it. A great choice of charming ladies for any taste. There is an illusion that woman’s feelings can be bought, and sites of dating agencies look like windows of supermarkets where lonely girls from Russia and Ukraine are for sale.

What are the chances of the average American kid to win the first beauty of a school? That's it, and we in Russia have so many lovely ladies that will be enough to fill all of their school from top to bottom.
The second advantage of our women is thrift. A good wife should feed her husband; take care about the cleanliness of his shirts and comfort of his home. What does the average American, returning from work? That's right, quickly warm up the chops out of the box, a man will make a salad and then will begin to remember whose turn is now to wash dishes (or rather, put the plates into the dishwasher). And it is quite logical: both were at work, and both are tired.

And a Russian girl? She will lay the table, put up her own prepared dishes, offers the best pieces to her husband, iron his shirt for tomorrow and will be happy if a husband will take the garbage out. Dumplings and scrambled eggs out of the package are considered a food for bachelors and a loving wife will never feed her husband like that.
The third factor in the popularity of Russian women on the brides fair it is their interest in marriage to a foreigner.
Russian men drink too much, go to jail, take drugs, become disabled. As a result, the entire mass of beautiful, interesting women has a lack of men. That is why they are looking for their women's happiness on foreign websites.
The fourth reason is the youth and the desire to have children. For Slavic women a marriage without a child - it's something unstable and unnatural. The Western women, even if they are married to someone they love, may be for many years to swallow the pills. The reluctance to have a child they explain the fact that they want to live for themselves, to travel, to enjoy the current situation and enjoy a flawless figure. Their husbands just wait when they are ready to have kids.
But Russian girls are happy to become a wife and a mother, for them it is the real happiness.
Russian woman is configured to search for a compromise. If she does not like something in family life, she would not slam the door immediately and file for divorce. At first smart wife tries to find out the reasons for misunderstanding and will do anything to rectify the situation. In the end, the love boat are crashing against the way of life is for those people who do not have enough coherence to avoid reefs.

If you travel through Ukraine in a search of a girl of your dream, you will be probably interested in our local marriage agencies’ survey. While being in any city you can call or pop over directly to an office of such a dating service. Maybe your happiness is by chance waiting for you there?

Relations between men and women are quite complicated, but presence or absence of money make them even more complicated. At the very beginning of relationships many Russian women seriously face a problem: ‘How can I let a man understand that there is a need for money and not to seem mercantile to him at the same time?’ Won’t it look like a try to sell my feelings?

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