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A secret of Russian women’s popularity

The fact that western men are, mildly speaking, crazed about Russian women doesn’t need any special proof. But the thing is not in the beauty only. You see, Russian women seem to possess a special inner determination not only motivating them to level their own charm up six ways to Sunday but also to demonstrate this charm in its most material embodiments.
It is said that in Slavs in particular is amalgamated a charm of a French woman with an Italian’s temper, tidiness of a German with a relaxedness of an American, modesty of an Englishwoman with a Spanish’s sharing heart. To this should be added a marital fidelity and family devotion, love to children and respect to husband. Italians, for example, say: ‘Donna Russa – doble donna’ – ‘Russian woman is a woman twice’. It was a matter of an honor to take a Russian woman as a wife for famous foreign writers, poets, artists, composers, political figures, chess-players, and even dictators. What is the secret of such a phenomenal popularity of Russian women? All is simple – they are fifteen minutes ahead of other women. In the morning they wake up and trim themselves up before their husband wakes up.
A Russian woman is programmed for turning the first morning kiss into a real holiday. As a result, her husband is happy because he always sees the most beautiful one in her. And that is just fifteen minutes every day. Stability and durability of a married couple depends on these fifteen minutes and a Russian woman’s competitive advantage also consists in it. It is for this reason that Russian women are loved, they can be more beautiful and well-groomed, even Sunday mornings and when they have to take the rubbish out.

During the nineties many Russian women immigrated west as fiancées. The first foreigners came back home from Russia with a beautiful wife. On a TV-screen, at a fashionable defile, in glossy magazines, in movies, and unfortunately on the sidewalks of big European cities Russian beauty appeared and established itself. For many men on the west a Russian woman became a dream which can come true and at a quite reasonable price. A modern Russian woman today doesn’t naively wait for happiness with a foreign rich man. But she still attracts with her beauty.
Nothing changed in this sphere: there is no equivalent for Russian woman’s beauty. The source of this beauty is in multinationality and richness of human phenotypes in Russia. But it is a very materialistic explanation. Having lived five-ten years in Russia, foreigners can’t seize to admire an unearthly charm of some Russian women, their walk that violates laws of gravity and all this is an inexplicable secret.

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