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Differences between women from Ukraine and russian girls

There is a suggestion that women from Ukraine and Russia are very similar in character, mentality and attitude towards life. Many do not even share them and unite into a single concept - a Slavic woman. Is it true? Despite the seeming similarity they are nevertheless quite different, not only their cultures, but their behavior. So, what does distinguish Ukrainian woman?

1. The first thing is a specific temperament. Ukrainian women are much more sensual, kind; they are not fastidious in expressions of their emotions. They are bright, catchy; even "explosive" types. Look back on the streets of any Ukrainian cities - Kyiv, Odessa, Nikolayev, Kherson, Kharkov - you will not see any "gray or dull mouse" - any Ukrainian girl is bright and stands out among the crowd by her individuality.

2. In contrast to Russian women, Ukraine women are more demanding and discriminating in their relations with men. If the Russian lady was brought up from childhood to be obedient and humble, the Ukrainian is much more capricious. They do not put themselves to step down in relationships with men; they always want to be on equal level. However, such a bias in favor of feminism does not spoil them, but rather adds to the femininity and attractiveness an intriguing component.

3. Practicalness and thrift. In the art of homemaking, Ukrainian women can give a handicap not only Russians, but even the practical German women. They usually live in plenty, they have a lot of tasty food in the fridge that would be enough to sit out during a small war or blockade :) And you can eat Ukrainian borscht, dumplings and hundreds of other equally delicious dishes which will always be on the table.

4. Sexuality and attractiveness. Here we think many people will try to argue that Ukrainian girls are the best. The men who had been in Russia and Ukraine clearly confirm our assertion. For the rest, we can inform that the beauty and diversity of the female gene pool due to the fact that for many centuries the territory of present-day Ukraine was inhabited by an entirely different peoples and nations. And this mixing of genotypes and blood has added bright colors to the natural beauty of women from Ukraine.

There are also "cons" which are related to money. The financial component of family life for Ukrainians is much more important than that of the northern neighbors. And if there is a Russian proverb- with a sweet heart there is a paradise even in the hut, the girls from Ukraine will hardly agree. Be aware that if you want to feel happy in a marriage with them, you have to provide your family at 100 percent.

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