Only active and real single women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and other CIS countries

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So why Slavic (Russian, Ukraine) girls are so popular?

1. AT FIRST - they are good mothers, they want to have children, take care of them and nurture them. Educate yourself rather than relying on a nanny.
Americans and a lot of women from Western Europe are concerned with problems of their own career, finding a place in life, the realization of some unrealizable fantasies. Or - they just do not want to have children, considering them a burden, an eternal problem, without which it is possible live in a marriage.

2. AT SECOND - Slavic wives for their husbands are their "soul mates." They are always willing to understand, to listen, to support, to calm their husbands, or give them the right advice.
Unlike the American women. Their independence - for example, even in financial matters in marriage - makes them too independent and far from the problems of their husbands.

3. AT THIRD - all Slavic girls are calm and docile. If they do not bring to a "boiling point" knowingly - peace and tranquility will reign in your family forever.
Shrieking lady and throwing in her husband's kitchen items is a way more typical of Americans, Italians, but as not to Slavic girls.

4. AT FOURTH - all Slavic girls ARE great cooks. They are cooking well first, second dishes, various salads and sandwiches, as well as bake perfectly different cakes, pies, canned own fruit and vegetables, jam from almost any fruit, they know how to make desserts, as well as many, many more of which are very tasty and healthy.

What are the typical features of Slavic women? What are common characteristics and/or facial features of girls from Russia or Ukraine?

5. AT FIFTH - A characteristic feature of all, without exception, Slavic girls is femininity. They are simple and natural to talk to. Next to the Slavic girl, every man truly feels like a full man, almost superhuman.

6. AT SIXTH - All Slavic girls ARE well educated. This is due to the difference in the concepts of schools in Ukraine and the United States and Western Europe. If the Western concept of high school provides in-depth study of several disciplines at the same time, the other, considering secondary, and accordingly - do not pay enough attention to their study - that in Ukraine (as, indeed, all the CIS countries), until recently, comprehensive concept envisaged detailed study of all school subjects, without exception.
For example, a girl in the U.S. may in-depth study literature, history and English at the same time, having a vague idea of physics, biology, and geography. In Ukraine, all subjects are allocated proportionally-equal number of hours of training. Specific subjects are not as in depth as in American schools - in Ukraine this role to the institutions and universities, which the girls enter after the end of secondary school. But the girls are equally got an idea and some knowledge in literature, history, and a foreign language, and in physics, biology, and geography.

7. AT SEVENTH value of Slavic women - they know how to appreciate what they have. They realistically understand the financial capacity of the family budget. They know how save their money, they do not ask about something impossible or very expensive. The level of material security in Ukraine is much lower than in the developed capitalist countries. The fact that American women and west Europeans begin to require the spouse of something bigger - Slavic girls are quite satisfied with all they get. And they are happy with what they have.

8. AT EIGHTH the distinctive value of Slavic women is loyalty. They are not flighty or frivolous, as most Americans or Europeans.
On the one hand - because, as already noted: they are able to store and appreciate what they have, remembering the old saying, " The best is the enemy of the good!"
On the other hand, - "winning" of the sexual revolution in the West, are now just starting to come to the borders of Ukraine. Sexual emancipation and liberation which is typical for American women and women from the West are not very typical for the mentality of Ukrainian girls, whose ancestors for centuries kept a lot of the chaste traditions, and that now gives itself in the 21st century. More faithful and chaste wives than Slavic girls - you just do not find anywhere else.

9. AT NINTH - Meanwhile Slavic women are among the most passionate lovers IN THE WORLD. They can even compete with the famous Japanese geishas. The ingenuity of Ukrainian women in bed, and temperament would be the envy of many representatives of the other world’s countries.

Russian girls have always attracted men. After all, our girls are not only extremely beautiful but also very intelligent. Slavic soul has always been a mystery to the Western and Eastern societies. - read more

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