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good russian wife- a fact or a myth?

And you want to get smth or smb, but you are not sure… This saying describes the desire of Western men to find a Russian wife. They are like butterflies flying to the light, but after failing to win the heart often think about and enlarge on Russian women the most embarrassing things and do not think about their flaws, and the fact that the lady refused him because of the modest financial situation. Therefore, prevalent among foreign single men thought that women from the former Soviet Union are looking for on dating sites not a love, but a better life - greater prosperity, attractive in economic and social terms, country of residence, a nice home for themselves and their children. "All Russian women want to escape from Russia" - this view has long been firmly adhere to the men who see international dating sites thousands of our compatriots. But let's calculate. The vast expanse of our country is home to about 140 million people, women are slightly more than half - 76 million on the largest dating sites with foreigners - women from Russia there are 50 million is less than one percent! And it turns out that a percentage of the total population of Russian women who are looking for their soul mate in other countries, not much more than residents of England, Canada or the United States.
So let's see, what actually motivates a Russian ladies who is registered in a foreign dating site in order to create a family.
The first reason is the most important - demographic.
The truth of life is that in Russia there are not enough men for all Russian women. If slightly hesitated, thought about education or career, then looked back after 5 years, she realizes that all the good men already have families and are under the watchful eyes of their wives. Here it is a reason to look for a man for marriage abroad. And where to live in Russia or in the homeland of the husband - this is a secondary issue that each couple decides individually. So can we then say that absolutely all Russian women are just looking for opportunities to leave their native country?
The second reason is quality.
But it follows from the first one. Many Russian men spoiled an abundance of women around, do not take care of them, pamper and nurture.
Russian girls, in turn, want to be fragile and vulnerable, to pull over to the shoulder of the strong men, and sometimes getting coffee with biscuits in bed. Even married women are often feed the whole family: in the morning they make breakfast, take children to school, after they go to work, then – go to the grocery stores, make dinner, etc. During the weekends clean their houses, make a laundry, and even pay attention to a husband.
In the West (and especially in the East), the situation where a man earns a living, a woman provides a family comfort and bringing up children, is treated very kindly. The society does not see anything exploitative, and men, in turn, respect the work of the wives, helping them as much as possible.

The quality of Russian men is poor in other ways! Lazy, drunkards ... In Russia teetotal (or almost teetotal husband) immediately rises to the rank of angels, even if he has no other merits, if he earns a little, suffers from asthma and refuses to walk on the weekends with the kids. The culture of sex and intimacy is also not up to par. There was no SEX in the USSR, apparently, and there is not so far. Our ... the average 50 - year-old Russian man in his later years has a weak health. In contrast to the 50-year-old European who physically looks and feels mentally younger. The third reason is economic and social.
We will not deny that the standard of living in most European countries, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, is markedly different from our own. The common sense cannot put up with poverty wages and constant lack of hot water. It's perfectly normal to want a better life for themselves and their children. And Russian girls are not the exception; they have a right to be happy and have a prosperous life!

Everyone knows well that America is a multinational country and combinations of couples on this continent are completely different: a Chinese man and an English woman, an Italian woman and a Russian man, a German man and a Japanese woman, a Mexican man and a French woman, an Australian woman and a Ukrainian man etc. A Russian woman and an American man are also a quite usual thing. However, this case is special because of a strong difference of Russian and American women’s mentalities that isn’t always understandable by men.

But here it is necessary to pay attention to the point that the concept of "happy secure life" in the Russian equivalent of understanding the middle class in the West (living apart from their parents, a car, high-quality products, fruits and vegetables at any time of the year, the savings for their children's education, health insurance, annual opportunity to take vacations abroad).>br> And finally: do not think that for all the benefits of Western civilization, the girls from Russia, ready to make any sacrifice. They are not goods: open the directory has the required characteristics and "ordered home delivery." To please her husband in every way, to serve him as a servant, to feed, wash and put up with his antics Russian woman will not be. Just only the beauty of your soul, the warmth of your heart can hold her in a foreign country, away from parents, friends and the house where they grew up.

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