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FAQ : How to find a Russian bride, and do not be deceived

It's no secret that Russian girls are very attractive. Apart from the beauty they possess special spiritual qualities that make them desirable brides. That is why a man from another country is thinking about how to find a Russian bride, to bring in his own country, to make his wife and the mother of his children.

Most foreign grooms are choosing for a search online dating sites or use the services of paid or free marriage or dating agencies. Some people are lucky, and they immediately meet a soul mate, and some for months and even years are still in the search.

And that's half of the trouble, really, if there is one thing - when a person touches a long time for the reason that he could not find one that would suit him in all respects. It's quite another - when a man comes to the bait scammers (cheaters), and then each new acquaintance causes concerns. Many people can understand what we mean. Many of these experiences forever discourage online dating, but there are also many men and women who continue to believe and hope for luck.
The concept of scams appeared in the late 90's, and then a lot of men from America suffered from them. It is not known who first had the idea to earn the trust of Americans and their desire to have a Russian wife, but for sure this guy became a millionaire.

Because at that time almost every man who liked a picture of blue-eyed Russian beauty considered his duty to send girl some money for a ticket, only that she has arrived. And some even expelled again by believing in the sob story about how that poor woman was deceived by the travel agency that took money for a ticket and disappeared in an unknown direction. Over time, as these cases of fraud were too many in the network there were special forums, where men warned each other to become less gullible. From America scammers safely moved on to other economically developed countries, what do they care, where to get the money.

If you are among men who have not given up on the Internet, as a source of useful and sometimes crucial meeting, then you should know some things about the scammers. You need to know your enemy in person!

1. In the majority of cases, scammers use pictures of very beautiful girls, mostly - blue-eyed blondes, with a typically Slavic face. After all, this is exactly what attracts the Western men. They create a profile on the site, and it necessarily indicates that she is serious, is not looking for entertainment, ready for strong relationships, dreams of getting married. Quite often, she had a bad experience - a bad marriage without children, she is disappointed in Russian men and therefore is looking for happiness abroad.

2. Of course, she has no computer at home, so she cannot contact you on Skype. There is no a home phone either, the same thing is with her mobile one. Sometimes she can say her cellphone was stolen recently, and she cannot afford to buy a new one. In short, there are any excuses, but you cannot talk to her live.

3. Scammers do speak any foreign languages, they usually make templates, 12-13 letters, which they send out after the translation with a help of “PROMT" (translation software) to potential victims. The first 2-3 letters are usually neutral, questions and answers, creating the illusion that you get to know each other, and - amazingly! Your tastes and desires of almost 100% match! Remember, the availability of templates does not mean that the letters are not read. Clever scammers always translate them by the same program, and try to answer all questions, so do not cause the victim’s suspicion.

Despite high standards of American life, politeness and political correctness of Americans, many sides of American way of life are unusual for Russian men. Sometimes years of adaptation and understanding of their way of life and thinking are needed. What is the main difference between a Russian and American bride by man’s eyes?

4. After a couple of letters a girl already speaks of kinship, with each letter you get more for her darling congenial soul, her writing is very sensual, emotional, and you feel it is sincere ... In the 7-8 letter she is already madly in love, eagers to see you ...

5. Next, the script may play out differently. In any case, you are always under some pretext will be asked for money, most likely for a plane ticket. As a debt, of course, with a guarantee of return. In this case, you will ask the girl to pay her arrival. Experienced scammers are excellent psychologists, so do not let ourselves be drawn into this game, do not give vent to emotions.

Well, the main task of the many common scammers ends. You either send money or not, in any way, then the correspondence will be stopped. Men from the West have become smarter, so for the money transfer for virtual stranger agrees just several men. But along with them, and some scammers have become smarter, and just such we should fear the most.

To sum up, here are a few rules you should follow if you are looking for a Russian girl-bride on the network:
- You should become alerted if the gorgeous fashion model on a dating site wrote you first and especially if she asks your personal email for further correspondence
- Immediately try to test the reality of women: ask for the Skype call via the internet cafe if she has no home computer. None of the "hired worker" scammers will not agree.
- Do not engage in self-deception, if a girl after a few letters says that she is crazy about you, and you're the one she was waiting for all her life. Let this be an occasion for the second alarm bells.
- Do not agree to send her money, even if it is a bank account of any official agency.
- Do not make any other requests, even the innocent. Do not give your real address and do not send copies of your documents.
That's all. We do not in any way encourage you to become a mega-suspicious and tormenting with inspections all your virtual girlfriends, but always think about all the details, pay attention to the "bells", do not ignore them, and then none scammer will use you.
Good luck in your search!

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