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marriage russian women and single girls: Faq

So, after reading our guide, you can make conclusions: You can clearly follow our advice or follow your own behavioral rules. This course is designed to ensure that every man is able to avoid the most common mistakes which are prepared for him by a fate, but in any case, it is not intended to change your personality. We are confident that these tips will help you quickly and successfully find your second half - a beautiful Russian women or Ukrainian girl, a loving wife, a wonderful mother of your future children, escape the confusion and misunderstanding that occur due to differences in mentalities and cultural traditions. Each of the articles you should carefully consider and pay attention to, because all of the above tips are not just our imagination, but there is not nothing but a summary of the main ideas of many sociological and gender studies. Perhaps you should read the material twice for better absorption and conclusions, some life situations are very difficult and require careful analysis and a development of a specific strategy. We, in turn, can offer you our support in a safe finding just a right person for you. Always Look For, do not give yourself up believe just in positive changes in your life and all you will get very soon.

FAQ: russian bride and first meeting

What can you know about a russian girl from the letters?
Planning a real time meeting
single woman from Russia: Variants for a first meeting (hometown or neutral territory?)
first meeting
What you can and cannot do during your first meeting.
Introducing the future
Where to stay in Russia? The choice of hotels, apartments
Planning your the next meeting with a Russian (Ukrainian) woman. Some advice
Getting to know your bride`s close people - friends, parents, relatives.
The special idea of the engagement organization.

Wedding in the country of the bride.
Wedding in the country of the groom (from the ship to the ball)
Funny wedding traditions in Russia, Ukraine and in the world
bride from Russia: Honeymoon
Top - 10 most romantic places in Ukraine, Russia
Top - 5 romantic places in Europe and the USA
Applying for a Fiance visa.
Questions about visas and immigration.
Adapting to the country of the husband.

How to please a Russian girl?

Russian women are the undisputed leaders in the number of messages sent to them by single men in international dating service. What attracts them to Western men?
A mysterious Russian feminine soul wants the admiration of practical men’s minds. And what does she need to return smb's feeling? To answer this question we need to understand what awaits Russian woman who came to a dating site in search of a foreign husband. She is looking for, at first sight, an incongruous: the western consistency and stability on one hand, and the Russian Romanticism and generosity on the other. We often hear that Russian women historically combine both European and Oriental character traits.
What does it mean? It means that, even though the majority of them are educated women, and culturally developed they, nevertheless, are not infected with feminism - a disease that has long struck European women and American women brought to the point of absurdity.
Therefore, a man for Russian women is not a legal husband or boyfriend but someone who can enthusiastically demonstrate his own success, independence and self-reliance, to know his place. It is for her, the hope and support of a real man, to whom she believes in and near which wants to feel secure and confident in the welfare of family.
Reared in the same spirit, Russian woman will always wait for you to demonstrate male behavior. For example, inviting her to dinner at a restaurant, you have to be prepared for the fact that you probably will have to pay for dinner: being close to her, her man, shall give her drinks and food, so what's to worry about?
Male behavior, from the point of view of Russian women, is the ability to pass over her little whims and weaknesses: for example, there's that cute handbag (the fifth in her collection) - just what she needs for her new dress and shoes, so buying it is absolutely necessary. Many rational and pragmatic western men think extravagance may seem such a waste, but that elegance - is that they are always tempted to Russian women. Therefore, trying to win the heart of Slavic beauties, men have to put up with spending for them.
I want to pay attention to the fact that greed and avarice are out of the question (although, among the Russian women are also those - to confess?). It is just the same "eastern" inherent; in general, it is the European temperament at Russian women: remember how many outfits and jewelry usually are bought for a wife a Muslim and Hindu families - and that is completely normal.

"Eastern characteristic “of Russian women is manifested in the fact that they often give men the right to vote, and probably the last word in solving many important family issues. Therefore, a Russian wife will be grateful to a Western husband for the firmness, consistency and the ability to take responsibility for the fate of the family. Waiting for you to show your male behavior, Russian women also highly appreciate your willingness and ability to participate in domestic affairs: as a very excellent hostess, nurturing their family nest, she will be very grateful to you washing the dishes or the nail driven into the wall.
Beauty, grooming and cleanliness have become an integral part to a Russian woman’s image. Going to all imaginable and unimaginable sacrifices, spending and tricks, and managing to even look stunning on a small salary, so carelessness and neglect will not be seen by men. It’s their smartness and the ability to take care of themselves that attracts Western men to Russian woman.
Another national trait of Russian women (as well as Ukrainians and Belarusians) is romanticism. This is perhaps the only feature of Russian men that ladies want to add to the character of their foreign fans. Russian men have always had a reputation for romantics capable of desperate acts for the sake of the beloved. Western pragmatism, the habit of thinking about the future and to pay all the bills - that's fine, but add a touch of romantic follies and improvisation in your relationship - your Russian sweetheart will lose her head for you: hussars in Russia to this day are in honor.
The ability to empathize with your loved one, the intimacy and caring Russian women, sacrifice and a willingness to go to great happiness for the sake of their love, distinguish them from the prudent and quite selfish western women, focusing on her "I", personal interests and career aspirations.
However, both of their husbands Slavic wives will wait the same indifferent attitude towards themselves and their children, always ready to help, and if need be - and the ability to make sacrifices for the sake of the family.
Most of the Russian women are seeking to find their fortune abroad, have received a good education, have developed thinking, and broad-minded. This makes them perfect to the source, which would not be bored.
So what do you need to do to make a lasting impression on a Russian woman and to please her? In general, it doesn’t take much: just be a man - honest, kind, reliable as possible, romantic, indulgent and just loving: thus a strong arm and a stone wall, behind which the fragile Russian girl will feel secure...

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